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Stephen Curry has been the best three-point shooter from the NBA for a really long time

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Here's a small treat for the bigs. We've spent a significant amount of time revising post play with lots of brand new content NBA MT Coins, including new movement and a new arsenal of back-tobasket-to-basket maneuvers. Similar to the face-up ball handling, many of the new techniques are cancellations and aborts.

For instance, you could start a post spin by twirling on the Pro Stick, then immediately move the left stick in the opposite direction for a spin back. Additionally, there are fakes from R2 that keep the user engaged during post by allowing you to join several fakes without losing interest.

Shooting has seen many changes for NBA 2K22. A new shot meter is available with a dynamically resizing make window. This window will be larger in high-quality shots with good shooters, but will shrink when heavily contested, shooting with a low-rated shooter, or tired.

The most important factor for shooting success this year is Shot Insight. Teams that focus on open and clear shots as well as take intelligent shots will see better results than teams that force up bad shots. Focus-group testing has been extensive for the new shooting techniques with players of all skill levels . We believe that this is the best that shooting has seen for players in NBA 2K.

The blocking system has been revamped in NBA 2K22 and are now providing rim protectors with additional tools to make great stop at the edge Cheap NBA 2K22 MT. To top it off, on PS5, we've added timing meters to both alley-oop and aggressive skill dunk attempts.

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