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Check out what's inside of Jump Trade - Meta Cricket League

By evaconner23 at 2022-05-13 • 0 collector • 124 pageviews

The world of the NFT gaming sphere has blown up in the past few years and the advancements in the sector have given rise to platforms and marketplaces being catered and developed to support the needful trends in the highly competitive revenue-generating sector, which also provides a platform for entertaining escapism, as well as exposure and a community to rely on and learn from. The NFT marketplace after a much-anticipated wait launched on 22 April and the collection consisted of four incredible, unique NFT collectibles - Super Loot Box, and three special pieces released in the auction, and the summation of all the collection ended up approximately 55 thousand pieces listed on the marketplace and after compilation came about approximately 25 thousand. The collectibles from the Meat Cricket League (MCL) - Jump Trade were designed to help the gamers collect and use their unique attributes, utility, and scarcity in existence as well as the ability to use them in the Meta Cricket League game that is eventually set to release as per the roadmap in the NFT marketplace. The ultimate goal of the marketplace is to cater to and bring about a representation for cricket that was otherwise lacking in the global NFT gaming space - at least in the “play to earn” module and the first ever Zero Knowledge Rollup technology used to launch and function the NFT marketplace. The collection sold out in less than nine minutes, with the pieces from the Super Loot box alone selling for $25 dollars a piece and a collection of five for $125, and the marketplace also launched a marketplace on May 4th to help the participants list their pieces there and also help the players who missed out the first time around to get their hands on the Jump Trade Meta Cricket NFT collectibles.

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