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How To Fix Lenovo ThinkPad Shutting Down Automatically?

By markjohnson9654 at 2022-05-08 • 0 collector • 171 pageviews

Lenovo laptop shuts down unexpectedly is one of the rare problem. That is being faced by almost 5% lenovo users across the world. When they push the power button. the laptop turn on for a minute or seconds, after that it will get shut down automatically. 

Generally, This kind of problem appears because of the hardware or software problem. most probably, the device is running out because of the software problem or something is wrong with the device. so you need to remove the current device and then re-add the device. 

How to fix Lenovo laptop shutting down automatically problem? 

  1. Firsto of all, you need to unplug all kind of perpherals from your device. 

  2. Now try to boot the computer in safe mode. 

  3. Power off the computer and clean the ram, processor fan. 

  4. update the windows and other softwares. 

  5. Make sure that your laptop is not overheating. 

  6. Sometimes, lenovo laptop won't turn on because of the power adapter issues. so you need to make sure that you are using the genuine adapter. 

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