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Allow court decide Nnamdi Kanu's fate - Buhari tells Igbo leaders

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Allow court decide Nnamdi Kanu

President Muhamamdu Buhari has told Igbo leaders that the fate of the Indigenous People of Biafra’s leader, Nnamdi Kanu, will determined by a court.  

Buhari said this while meeting with leaders from the region at the New Government House in Abakaliki, capital of the State.

The South-East Leaders had appealed to Buhari to release Kanu and other Igbo youths in detention across the country during their first meeting on Thursday May 5.  

At Friday’s meeting, Charles Mkpuma, chairman of the south-east traditional rulers, repeated the plea. 

However, President Buhari stated that it is important that the court makes a pronouncement on Kanu’s case.

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