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The process to Air Europa Change The Name

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Next matter of concern is how to make the change. You know that you need to connect with an airline executive to do this. To connect with them, you need the airline phone number, so this process involves visiting the official website, aireuropa.com, and retrieving the airline contact number.


  • The site will ask you      to choose your country and language as soon as the home page loads. Select      and click 'Apply.'

  • Now on the homepage,      you have many options to connect. Scroll past all the information and      reach the bottom. To ask "How do I change my name on Air Europa?"      to an executive, you will see a pink 'Click to Call' button. You can press      and connect with an executive in your region. Since you have already      selected your country and language, the call will automatically connect to      an appropriate executive.

  • Below this, you will      find two more numbers. One for customer service and sales and another for      Air Europa SUMA Loyalty Program. If you are a loyalty program member, use      the second number. These numbers are as per your country and the language      you speak, based on the initial selection you made before entering the      home page.

  • If these numbers are      not appropriate solutions to "How do I change my name on Air      Europa?", scroll back to the top.

  • Locate the 'Do you      need help?' tile at the very top of the page. Click this; a few options      will appear. Click on 'Customer care.'

  • Once this page loads,      you will see an option to select your country under the 'Customer service'      title. Once you do, all the related numbers will load, that too,      department-wise.

Although these numbers will also show you the related email id and mailing address, the options further below will give you direct links to forms and the airline social media contact option. To change the name, you need to call the airline. So, select a customer care number and simply call.

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