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Tarc Tripundra An Under Construction Project In New Delhi

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Tarc Tripundra is an under construction project near Bijwasan Main Road, New Delhi. The project offers the configurations of 3 and 4 bhk. A Gated community with an automated system.

Tarc Tripundra is a luxury residential project currently under construction in New Delhi which will consist of luxury 3 and 4 bedroom houses. Nearby neighbours Rajokri Garden and Pushpanjali Farm offer plenty of greenery and splendour. For only 190 families, there are wide open chosen green spaces to engage in life that truly heals the heart and soul.

Tarc Tripundra in New Delhi ia a gated community featuring a technology based visitor management system and mobile application. Automatic boom barriers prevent unauthorised access and exit. A smart lock and video phone are installed on the front door of the unit. The entry of guests is monitored and verified. It is not necessary to bring the key.

Tarc Tripundra Highlights

Double-glazed windows that are soundproof.

False ceiling and elegant light fixtures

Options for 6'6" wide balconies and sundecks.

A well-stocked library and coworking spaces

VRV air-conditioning ensures a constant level of comfort.

Laminated Wooden Floors and Italian Marble Flooring

A personal mini-theatre or an open-air theatre on the terrace are both options.

For your cherished ones, a well-kept Pet Grooming Centre and Play Area are available.


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