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How To Choose the Right Bottle Blow Molding Machine

By jenniferma at 2022-04-26 • 0 collector • 18 pageviews

One of the important aspects of beverage packing is bottle. It is necessary to pay attention to your bottling because it can make or mar your production, packaging and ultimately distribution. Plus, there is a need to adhere to policies and government regulations guiding bottling and packaging of bottled products.

Here are a few tips for you to guide your choice of bottle blow molding machine, either as a new comer to the business or as an already established beverage producer.


What is a Bottle Blow Molding Machine?

The bottle blow molding machine is a machine that blows bottles.  The process of blowing bottles turns plastic pellets into hollow containers of equipment. The most known types of machines are PET and PC blow molding machines.


After the emergence of the bottle blowing machine as a replacement for most hand blowing, adopted by most beverage firms, it is convenient and quick in producing a large number of bottles.


In more simple terms, bottle blowing refers to the process of making bottles to be able to contain substances in them.


A series of processes are involved in the bottle blow molding enterprise, but the bottle blow molding machine combines all of these in one, saving time and becoming very efficient in carrying out the task.


There are generally two broad categories of the bottle blow molding machine, depending on the degree of automation and computerization. These broad categories can be mostly found in beverage bottling companies. They are;

· The old semi – automatic bottle blowing machine and

· The modernized automatic bottle blow molding machine.


While both of them are very effective, the automatic blow bottle machine is more effective and consumes much less energy and time as its semi-automatic counterpart.

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