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Best Electric Standing Desks For Your Own Price Range

Electric Standing Desks Over $700

In this price range, you should expect the electric standing desk to have stunning finishes and premium components, and be feature-packed with better build quality and warranty, and certainly match with the decor of a premium executive suite.

Electric Standing Desks from $300 to $700

Electric standing desks in this price range offer a good feature set and specs. Generally speaking, you can find the best value for money electric standing desks in this price range on the market. But we are going to show you more surprising options in an even lower price range in this article below.

Electric Standing Desks Under $300

Electric standing desks in this price range have been optimized for cost savings, but with product quality, customer support and warranty policies guaranteed, you may not need to worry much and even find surprises.

Are electric standing desks worth it? We know that most people have to work long hours (usually in front of a computer), and an electric standing desk is an effective and convenient way to start your healthy work habits, keep your body moving throughout the day and boost your body circulations .

At the same time, electric standing desks can also effectively relieve back and neck problems (same as other physical issues related to lengthy sitting periods). If you know how to use an electric standing desk, it's worth it (some of our FEZiBO electric standing desk also has a sedentary reminder to ensure you will have a healthier user habit while using the desk). At the same time, if you have never used an electric standing desk, you may not know that an excellent advantage of an electric standing desk is that even while seated, you can fit that into different scenarios with the fine-tuning of the sitting heights, such as for reading, typing, watching movies, etc. This will also greatly improve the health by easing the pressure on your neck, shoulder and arms, eye strains,  and bringing you an extra daily pleasure, no matter when sitting or standing.

We've also found that electric standing desks are a great "starter drug" into the world of ergonomics. Once started standing more, most people will be happier, and many of them will go on to explore accessories for electric standing desks such as monitor arms, keyboard trays, treadmill desks, and more.

Any buyer should focus on build quality, ease of assembly, ease of use, stability, customer support and warranty when purchasing a product of this complexity and cost. Among them, the most important factors to consider include the lifting range of the electric standing desk, the shape (it is envisaged that this electric standing desk will be one of the protagonists in your study room, and will be with you for many years, you should hope that while functional needs are met, some aesthetic advantages that will not go out of style will be good to have).

We didn't include any hand crank standing desks in this roundup as they currently represent less than 2% of the US market, though you may still have them available for browsing on https://www.fezibo.com/; electric standing desks win the game.

Best electric standing desk under $700

  1. Triple Motor L-Shaped Standing Desk with Triple Drawer

Compared to other products in this price range, this electric standing desk offers probably the largest desk area and storage space you've ever seen. From this point of view, this electric standing desk sweeps other competitors in this category. Without the disappointing shortcomings of other desks in this price range, it's a great value.

The only thing about this desk we have a hard time with is it is out of stock currently in all 3 desk colors from the US market, so perhaps some will have to wait.

Product Price: From $699.99

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