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Choosing the Correct Fire Extinguisher for Your Business

By allfloridafire at 2022-04-05 • 0 collector • 86 pageviews

There are five broad types of fire extinguishers – Water, Foam, Dry Powder, CO2, and Wet chemicals. To protect you and your surroundings against fire and ensure that your business meets current fire safety regulations, you need to make the right fire extinguisher choice. These fire extinguisher types are divided based on the fire classes classified based on the trigger triggering the fireThe presence of these fuels in your business surroundings and premises helps determine the best fire extinguisher that meets all your needs. 

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The placement of these fire extinguishers is dependent on the substances that can add to the fire, such as oils, chemicals, etc.  Choosing the right size and weight of an extinguisher is as crucial as selecting the correct type of fire extinguisher. A fire safety system needs to be in place when opening a new business that ensures the safety of everyone present near and inside the building. Fire extinguishers are passive fire protection devices that help reduce and extinguish the fire that various triggers and reasons can cause

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