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Adapters Suppliers Introduce The Requirements For The Use Of Sealed Joints

By cnshundayuyao at 2022-03-15 • 0 collector • 119 pageviews

Adapters Suppliers introduces the function of quick seal fittings:

Sealing function: air tightness test, tightness test, etc., quickly seal the nozzle.
Grabbing function: Pneumatic joints can also be used for automatic grasping, and the front sealing ring can grasp the product.
Test function: vacuum, pressure, leakage, operation and other aspects of the test.
Filling function: filling of inert gas, coal gas, natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen, PG, carbonic acid, etc.
Connection function: It is mainly used to connect the nozzle and testing equipment during product quality testing, which plays the role of quick connection and disconnection.

Through the above introduction, Hydraulic Fittings Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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