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5 famous restaurants on the Coney Island

By nvoer at 2022-03-10 • 0 collector • 101 pageviews

5 famous restaurants on the Coney Island: Totonno Pizzeria Napolitana Pizza in Brooklyn, Paul's Daughter, Nathan's Famous, Nathan's Famous - Clam Bar, La Tombola. Get mapquest driving directions for easy access to popular Coney Island restaurants.

1. Totonno Pizzeria Napolitana Pizza in Brooklyn

This restaurant, which has been there for nearly a century, continues to serve some of the best pizza in the city. If you don't live near Coney Island, the pies here feature a thin, crispy crust covered with a sweet sauce and just the right amount of cheese - and if you don't live nearby, this spot alone is worth a visit. Simply bring your friends (slices are not available) and tell them to bring cash (credit cards are not accepted).

Paul's Daughter.jpg

2.  Paul's Daughter

Everything from pizza and hot dogs to sausage heroes and fried clams is available; our faves are the lobster roll and fried giant shrimp. Get some soft serve and eat it on the beach a few feet away after eating some of these things with a beer at a standing table on the boardwalk.

3. Nathan's Famous

It's been serving all-beef hot dogs at a large counter-service facility a block off the boardwalk for almost 100 years. We're not going to advise you how to eat your hot dogs, but you should probably drink a nice beer and sit at the picnic tables outside with whatever you get. Because the lines can get quite long, visit their less frequented locations in Luna Park and on the boardwalk.

4. Nathan's Famous - Clam Bar 

Nathan's Clam Bar, a takeout counter just to the side of the main Nathan's Famous restaurant on Surf Ave, provides raw clams and oysters. If you don't want to wait in line for a hot dog, get a small cardboard tray of mussels to eat on the boardwalk instead.

5. La Tombola

Get driving directions for easy to La Tombola. On a partially-covered patio facing the bay, this enormous Italian restaurant serves delicacies like buffalo chicken pizza, veal parm sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, and other snacks you may associate with a sunburn. They also have a big indoor dining area (which was previously a candy factory) with high ceilings, arched windows, and exposed brick walls from a 17th-century castle. If it's hot outside, we recommend ordering a drink at the bar downstairs, watching whatever sport is on their massive flatscreens, and sitting near a powerful air conditioner.

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