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How Ukraine can defeat Russia and end the bloodbath.

By SnrMgr at 2022-03-01 • 1 collector • 565 pageviews


Russia has been thought to be a bully, a thoughtfulness that is unravling before our eyes. 

The disappointing fact is that the world is watching a bully kill and destroy. Where is the United nation, European union, G7, African Union, Americas, Asians etc. 

That Russia has nuclear weapons is not enough for women and children to be bombed to their deaths and not enough for the world to stand aside, as a matter of fact the is the reason the world must act fast. Russia does not have the manpower to defeat the world.

So, here are my proposals to ending the invasion.

  1. Boycott everything Russian

  2. Kick Russia out of all sporting organisation. Fifa, Uefa, Olympics etc.

  3. All countries should stop issuing visas to Russians immediately.

  4. Ukraine should setup friends of Ukraine defence force (FUDF) to allow foreign individuals who can assist in defending Ukraine travel to join Ukrainians for the street fight against Russian invasion army.

  5. West must assist with guns, bullets, logistics and anti-air missiles.

  6. More sanctions of complete isolation.

  7. Declare Putin and his generals wanted for war crimes.

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