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Masks to wear when exercising outdoors

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Following the CDC's initial recommendation last year to "wear cloth face coverings in public places and with people who do not live in your home, especially if other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain," it seems that everyone and their The mother started making and selling masks. So, how to choose?

For running, the most important thing is comfort. There is no evidence that brief encounters on the road or trail lead to infection. At the end of the day, it's as comfortable as a pair of running shoes - as long as you try it on the best fit for your stylish sports mask. (Know that, unlike shoes, you can't return masks for obvious reasons.)

Adidas sports brand mask
 Simple brand logo design, soft skin-friendly breathable reusable mask.

For Teens and Adults Cotton Face Masks Adidas/Nike/PUMA/New Balance Black Mask Stylish Coronavirus Protection Facemask The Best The Safest Mouth Coverings

Adidas outdoor sports masks fashion high-end masks, sunscreen and windproof popular cotton protective masks, fashionable design masks

Adidas brand three-dimensional masks fit the facial lines, have a high fit between the mouth and nose, and are more anti-virus, anti-splash, and anti-pollen. Made of stretchable material, it has good extensibility and will not hurt your ears even if you wear it for a long time.

Nike brand sports masks 
autumn and winter wind and cold masks outdoor sports masks

Nike sports brand reusable face mask

The Nike brand Mask is the most classic reusable mask. The Nike Outdoor Sports Mask features a 3D design that conforms to the facial lines and is made of skin-friendly, breathable material for sensitive skin. Very comfortable to use.

It is very breathable, not stuffy, and breathes easily. Stay cool on skin contact, cool and comfortable even in summer, washable, reusable outdoor sports mask.

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Fashion Brand masks
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