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xiaomi mi note 10 pro

By mobile at 2022-02-24 • 0 collector • 165 pageviews

The Xiaomi mi note 10 pro is really well worth shopping for as it has a 120Hz AMOLED display, effective Snapdragon 732G SoC, 33W speedy charging support, stable design, AR blaster, and the telecellsmartphone is priced at Rs 16,999. Overall, Redmi Note 10 Pro is the pleasant telecellsmartphone to shop for below Rs 20,000, arms down.

Xiaomi mi note 10 pro spec.jpg

If you contend with xiaomi mi note 10 pro smartphone then it is able to without problems ultimate to extra than 7 years however it's going to ultimate best 4–five years on hard utilization(I do not suggest heavy utilization). It is properly able to heavy utilization and is definitely of a excessive quality. Xiaomi is an amazing emblem to choose.

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2022-03-01   #1

It's in reality with in awesome upcoming phones in pakistan, with top rate appears and design, Display is awesome and smooth. Speakers might were bit louder, however but sound nice is good.

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