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Chickenpox and its causes and complications

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In the event that you think you or your child might have chickenpox ανεμοβλογιά, counsel your specialist. He or she ordinarily can analyze ανεμοβλογιά by analyzing the hasty and considering other indications. Your specialist can moreover endorse medicines to reduce the seriousness of chickenpox and treat complications, in the event that fundamental. To dodge contaminating others within the holding up room, call ahead for an appointment and say that you just think you or your child may have ανεμοβλογιά. 

Also, let your specialist know if: The hasty spreads to one or both eyes. The hasty gets exceptionally ruddy, warm or delicate. This might demonstrate a auxiliary bacterial skin infection. The hasty is went with by discombobulation, confusion, fast pulse, shortness of breath, tremors, misfortune of muscle coordination, declining hack, spewing, stiff neck or a fever higher than 102 F (38.9 C). Anyone within the family features a issue with his or her resistant framework or is more youthful than 6 months.


Chickenpox or ανεμοβλογιά contamination is caused by the varicella-zoster infection. It can spread through coordinate contact with the hasty. It can too spread when a individual with the chickenpox hacks or sniffles and you breathe in the discuss droplets. Risk factors Your chance of getting to be tainted with the varicella-zoster infection that causes chickenpox is higher in case you haven't as of now had chickenpox or on the off chance that you haven't had the chickenpox antibody. It's particularly imperative for individuals who work in child care or school settings to be vaccinated. Most individuals who have had ανεμοβλογιά or have been inoculated against ανεμοβλογιά are resistant to ανεμοβλογιά. A couple of individuals can get ανεμοβλογιά more than once, but this can be uncommon. In the event that you've been immunized and still get ανεμοβλογιά, side effects are frequently milder, with less rankles and gentle or no fever.


Chickenpox ανεμοβλογιά is regularly a gentle malady. But it can be genuine and can lead to complications including: Bacterial diseases of the skin, delicate tissues, bones, joints or circulation system (sepsis) Dehydration Pneumonia Inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) Toxic stun syndrome Reye's disorder in children and young people who take ibuprofen amid chickenpox Death Who's at risk? People who are at higher chance of chickenpox complications include: Newborns and newborn children whose moms never had chickenpox or the vaccine Adolescents and adults Pregnant ladies who haven't had chickenpox People who smoke People whose safe frameworks are debilitated by medicine, such as chemotherapy, or by a infection, such as cancer or HIV People who are taking steroid medicines for another infection or condition, such as asthma.

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