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UTR Number is Unique Transaction Number, which is utilized to recognize an exchange in India. This exceptional number is produced for deciding the exchange of the assets. Your bank makes UTR Number through the exchange is finished.

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The Unique Transaction Number can be found on the bank explanation as Ref. No. underneath your exchange subtleties. As per the RBI standards, the UTR no. has 16 digit codes and 22 characters in length for RTGS. For instance, the UTR number is XXXXAYYDDD999999. XXXX represents bank code like SBI' bank code is SBIN, and An in the code alludes to framework identifier, YY represents two digits of the year, for example, 19 for 2019 and DDD is a Julian date, for example, 032 for Feb 1. Furthermore, 999999 is 6 digit grouping number.

* In UK, UTR number is alluded to as Unique Taxpayer Reference Number. It isn't like the Indian UTR no.

List of chapters

Job of NEFT and RTGS, Uses of Unique Transaction (UTR) Number

Novel Transaction Number assists with observing the monetary exchanges. It can likewise be utilized to follow your assets' exchange.

In India, the UTR number is produced while moving cash from one bank to the next. There are two techniques to move the cash from your particular bank. One technique for online cash move through a bank is NEFT, and the other is RTGS.

NEFT alludes to National Electronic Funds Transfer. Such an exchange is handled in the clumps, so the exchange isn't quick.

RTGS alludes to Real-Time Gross settlement. Reserves are quickly moved through RTGS. It doesn't require over 2 hours to store the cash to the recipient account. However it is the quickest technique yet must be utilized assuming that the exchange sum is above Rs. 2, 00,000. There are two sorts of UTR numbers-RTGS and NEFT UTR no. Clients can without much of a stretch make following through their separate bank applications.

Steps to Find UTR Number

To observe the Unique Transaction Number, you can go through the itemized account explanation in the web based financial area.

Accordingly, click on the exchange subtleties. The detail of the specific exchange will show up.

In a similar detail, you will find the UTR no.

The Unique Transaction Number is noticeable on the proclamations of the banks like ICICI, SBI, Axis, and HDFC.

How to Track Neft Transaction Status With UTR No.?

Strategy 1:

Go to your web banking record or open the portable App of your particular bank.

Go to the past exchange area.

Search for the specific exchange, and the Unique Transaction number, alongside the exchange status, would be shown in total agreement.

Strategy 2:

Call at the client care number of your bank and give them your UTR no. to get every one of the important subtleties.

Illustration of Axis Bank:

1. Open the App and snap to ''Detailed Statement''.

Hub Bank Detailed Statement

2. Then, at that point, click on ''Transaction Details''. A spring up would show up with the UTR reference of the particular exchange.

UTR reference

3. Utilize the UTR for status follow-up for the specific exchange.

Illustration of HDFC Bank:

1. Login to the HDFC financial balance. On the highest point of the page (in the left), there would Accounts Section.

HDFC Bank Example

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2. Underneath Accounts, you will track down an Arrow. Click the bolt, and soon the subtleties of the record alongside the "View" button will show up.

HDFC Bank subtleties

3. Click on the ''View Button''. Your record explanation would be shown after that.

HDFC Bank Statement with UTR no.

*The number set apart in the red circle is the UTR no. for HDFC bank clients. You can comparably observe SBI UTR number through SBI portable application or its true site.


UTR alludes to the Unique Transaction number in India. It assists with following finds and your previous exchanges that have been made through your ledger. Each bank like ICICI and HDFC shows an UTR no.


1. What is the UTR number in NEFT and RTGS exchanges?

UTR number is alluded to as the Unique Transaction reference number. It is utilized for NEFT and RTGS exchanges. For each exchange, the bank gives an UTR no., which you can use for any question connected with the exchange later on.

2. How would I discover my UTR no.?

You can visit your web banking record or open the bank application. then again; you can call the client care group of the bank for help.

3. What number of digits are in the UTR number??

As indicated by the RBI, the UTR no is 16 numbers in length, and according to RTGS, it has 22 characters.

4. What is the full type of UTR?

UTR is indicated to the Unique Transaction Number.

5. What is the UTR reference number?

Exceptional Transaction Reference (UTR) is a reference number that is utilized to distinguish exchanges made through IMPS, RTGS or NEFT.

6. How to check the UTR number in YONO SBI?

You can call SBI client care number 1800112211, 18004253800, or 080-26599990 to actually take a look at the number in YONO SBI.

7. How to follow UTR numbers?

Above we have clarified bit by bit systems to follow through RTGS and NEFT.

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