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Device as a Service (DaaS) Market Future Prospects

By animesh233 at 2022-02-03 • 0 collector • 193 pageviews

Device as a Service (DaaS) Market Overview

The global device as a service (DaaS) market generated a revenue of USD 9,843.8 million in 2019 and is expected to reach a market value of USD 190,163.8 million by 2026, growing at 55.8% CAGR during the forecast period. The market report analysis includes major variables such as top producers, growth rate, production volume,Device as a Service Market Share and key areas.

Device as a Service (DaaS) Market Key Players

  • Microsoft (U.S.)

  • Apple Inc. (U.S.)

  • Dell Inc. (U.S.)

  • Capgemini (France)

  • Amazon Web Services Inc. (U.S.)

  • HP Development Company L.P. (U.S.)

  • CompuCom Systems Inc. (U.S.)

  • Yorktel (U.K.)

  • Citrix Systems Inc. (U.S.)

  • Acer Inc. (Taiwan)

  • Plantronics Inc. (U.S.)

  • SHI International Corp. (U.S.)

  • Intel Corporation (U.S.)

  • Lenovo (China)

  • Scantron Corporation (U.S.) 

Device as a Service (DaaS) Market Segmental Analysis

The global device as a service (DaaS) market has been segmented based on component, organization size, vertical, and region.

Get Complete Report Details @ https://www.marketresearchfuture.com/reports/device-as-a-service-market-4486 

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