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How to call Norwegian representative?

By annawills at 2022-01-20 • 0 collector • 89 pageviews

Need assistance? Contact Norwegian Airlines customer service in different ways

Norwegian Airlines is known for its quick and fast customer support services. You can get help from the airline for any query, whether reservation-related or with your prior travel experience. Besides, Norwegian also provides various customer support options explained below.

However, if you need to contact the airline over the phone and have no idea about it, you can go through the detailed procedure below.

  • Follow the procedure below to connect Norwegian representative the phone call

  • First, open the customer support page on the airline on its website

  • The support page displays various contact options and inquiry link

  • Every link have a drop-down list that shows contact options against that inquiry

  • Choose the most suitable link to get the correct phone number 

  • Now you can dial the Norwegian customer service number on your phone

  • You can choose the preferred language from the first menu

  • Listen carefully to the ongoing IVR instructions on the phone

  • Choose the options that match your query

  • You now have to say speak to a representative and then wait on call

  • In general, it takes a few minutes to connect with a live agent

  • Once connected, you get an opportunity to discuss your issues.

The above procedure helps you to connect the airline on a phone call. But in case you face any issues on-call or feel the waiting period is quite long, you can also opt for the other options below.

Other options to connect the Norwegian customer service

  • Email support

  • Chatbot/Live chat support

  • Social media

  • Mailing address Norwegian forum

You can access all the above links from the help and support page of the airline.

So by going through the options and instructions above, you can now easily connect with the airline anytime. Besides that, if you wonder, How do I get in touch with Norwegian Airlines? You can also sign in to your Norwegian account to get personalized assistance. The airline provides 24 hours of assistance to resolve your issues.

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