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Best Key Points to Repair Broken Garage Door Spring

By doorworks at 2022-01-17 • 0 collector • 265 pageviews

Did a loud snapping sound shock you while opening your garage door?

It is the sound of a broken garage door spring, and now your garage door will not open till you repair it. Average garage doors in Southlake weigh between 150 to 250 pounds, and they won't open without garage door springs. Changing a broken garage door spring without appropriate tools and training can be highly dangerous. Read here some of the tips and tricks carefully to prepare yourself for the job.


Tips and Tricks to Repair Broken Garage Door Spring

#1 Identify garage door spring

Identifying garage door springs can help you buy the correct one for its replacement. There are two potential types of springs for garage doors in Southlake.

Torsion Spring - You can find it above your garage door with a winding cone at one end and a stationary cone at the other.

●  Extension Spring - You can find it above the upper tracks of your garage door, connected to a pulley and I-bolt.

Take extreme caution while replacing them as they are under a lot of tension. Repairing a broken torsion garage door spring is riskier and more time-consuming when you lack appropriate technical skills. So gather a few professional estimates for the job to get it done professionally.

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