Reasons That Make People Choose Portrait Paintings Over Photographs

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In past times, oil portraits were owned by rich people only. But today, the barrier has been broken. Anyone can get their portraits painted these days. Currently, the age of digitization has made things easier. One can click portraits anytime and get them printed and framed to place in their homes. However, people are still confused about whether to prefer portrait paintings or portrait photographs. Both the options by a portrait artist have their own benefits. But several reasons make portrait painting slightly better than portrait photographs. Those reasons are as follows:

Timeless paintings: Digital portraits are equally impressive. But portrait paintings have a human touch given by the artists. Generally, portrait artists paint a subject's portrait according to what they see. For example, what are the subject's facial features, how their personality is, and so on.And a portrait artist captures the timelessness that cannot be captured in a printed portrait. Hence, due to this feature, people choose paintings over printed portraits.

Customizing final portrait: Many times, people ask portrait artists to add their family members, pets, etc., in their portraits. People ask for these customizations so that their portraits look complete and attractive. However, these customizations are easier when you are getting a painted portrait. The portrait painters make these additions look natural. In this way, people can get realistic portraits that no one can tell that they are customized.

Heirloom and pricelessness: Hand-drawn portraits look unexpectedly amazing because they are an impressionistic copy of what you see yourself as. Moreover, portraits are priceless pieces of art that maintain heirloom quality. Therefore, if you gift portraits to someone on birthdays, weddings, etc., you can give them a priceless present. So, choose these priceless pieces of art for yourself and your close ones.

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