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7 tax tips for based digital marketing agencies

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Taxation is basically a levied or compulsion imposed by the government on the individuals or citizens to carry out the expenditures of the government. Tax is imposed everywhere in the world and every government does so because without tax a government cannot work and perform its duties. The primary purpose of taxation and its collection is to gain revenue and serve various purposes and duties. Tax is imposed on the individuals on a specific percentage basis. Income tax is calculated on the income of the citizens. Taxes are deducted from the salaries of employees, houses and properties, gains from capital investment and profit from businesses. Tax basically lessens the profit on gains from its business or work and collected by the government Modern digital agencies can utilise various techniques and tactics to do tax planning in such a way to minimise the amount of tax paid to the government as eventually increase the revenue gain. Modern technology has revolutionised the businesses and can also further help the owners to lower the tax deductions.

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