Indian Company Registration

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Indian Company Registration

Most Attractive FDI Destination in the World – OECD

Establishing a presence in India is key to overcoming cultural alienation, targeting specific emerging markets with huge potential within India, and leaping over bureaucratic hurdles. India still carries plenty of promise as one of the world’s largest economies and consumer markets. It is one of the rare countries that has continued to attract FDI investment even during the pandemic.

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What Makes India the Destination of Choice for Your Business?

Non-resident businesses can benefit from setting up shop in India owing to its abundance of resources, skilled labor at low wages, and tax exemptions for certain categories of businesses. The government has made notable strides in liberalizing industries, easing bureaucratic red tape, and establishing arbitration fora to settle disputes amicably.

3rd Most Attractive FDI Destination in the World

India has continued to receive FDI inflows in record numbers during the pandemic, showing strong and continued investor sentiment (Deloitte).

1.4 million Companies in Active Operation & Rising

One of the largest number of businesses being registered every year signifying new opportunities in hitherto untapped markets (Ministry of Corporate Affairs statistics).

32 Global Unicorn Companies Registered so far, each valued at over USD 1 billion

New startups in the IT and bleeding-edge technology space continue to appear and find success (Statista).

419.5 Million Consumers by 2030

MarketPro predicts that India will provide the largest consumer class change in the coming decade.

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