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What is a facial device?

By angelauy at 2022-01-11 • 1 collector • 343 pageviews

facial device is literally a device that beautifies and conditions the face. These products are sold at electronics stores, cosmetics stores, and beauty supply stores. The prices range from a few thousand yen to tens of thousands of yen.

However, there are many products with different effects and efficacy. If you want to use one, it is important to determine the performance and purpose of the product. In addition, there are some facial products that are recommended and some that should not be purchased.

1. Facial massager

This facial massager is a product that has been sold on the streets for several years now. It is relatively inexpensive and is a popular type. Recently, they have been sold in 100 yen stores, and some people buy them.

However, facial massagers have very little effect on beautifying the face. First of all, the shape of the product is that it is divided into two parts at the end from where you hold it. Then, the two ends are characterized by a "round ball".

The basic idea is to apply this round ball to your face and roll or massage it. It is said that the best way is to roll and rub it from the cheeks to the chin and neck area. Some of the benefits include "blemish removal," "wrinkle removal," and "improved lymphatic flow of blood.

However, the fact is that facial massagers have very little of these benefits. The balls in the massager part are meant to stimulate and improve the skin condition, but they are only comfortable or painful and do not help improve the skin.

2. Radiofrequency (RF) facial device

This is a facial device with a name that is not often heard. It is characterized by its ability to produce a positive effect on the skin by applying radio waves, RF, and high frequency waves emitted from the product to the skin. The heat warms the skin from underneath, activating metabolism and blood circulation.

As a result, there are expectations that swelling, spots, and dullness will disappear. However, radio frequency facial devics also have side effects that you should not buy.

Like ultrasonic facial equipment, it uses a metal head, so you need to be careful about "allergies". In the case of radiofrequency facial equipment, there are several "prohibited areas". There are some products that prohibit use in the eye area (upper eyelids), ears, neck area, and wounds.

It is best to buy products that can be used in as wide a range of areas as possible.

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