A Short History of Psychedelic Therapy

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Psychedelic therapy and the conventional utilization of hallucinogens has been followed back to a large number of years. They are profoundly imbued in numerous societies and religions from around the globe. Proof has been found of peyote in Mesoamerica, psychoactive mushrooms in Mexico, ayahuasca in the Amazon, and cannabis in the old populaces of Central Asia and India. This customary utilization of hallucinogens was (and stays) restricted to explicit societies and has never observed broad use.

Present-day improvements in science and pharmacology in the mid-twentieth century prompted a renaissance of hallucinogens use when Albert Hofmann found the tremendous impacts of LSD in 1943. After coincidentally presenting himself to a minuscule measure of LSD, Hofmann purposefully devoured 250 micrograms of the medication. He saw its significant impacts as he rode home on a bike with the assistance of his colleague. Much to his dismay that on that appropriately named ‘Bike Day’. His disclosure would significantly affect the universe of hallucinogenic medications.

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