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The concept of a paperless office has been around for years and refers to a significant reduction or a total elimination of paper usage within an office setting by primarily converting documents into a digital form.  An average office worker uses close to ten thousand sheets of paper in a year accounting to ten trees in a year per person significantly contributing to global warming and climate change. With advancement in technology, going paperless is far from being impossible as regarded by many organisations embracing paper usage. It is worth noting that going paperless is a process rather than an immediate step and requires patience along with substantial investment in appropriate office infrastructure which may be expensive but with immense benefits.

A paperless office does not only enable an organisation to decrease their environmental footprint but also enhances the productivity and efficiency of an office while still cutting on expenditure associated with paper usages such as printers, toners and other consumables. Going paperless has been established to be extremely beneficial for the accounting and finance industry regarded as heavy paper consumers spending millions of dollars each year on paper and related expenditure.

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