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Novel Ocular Drug Delivery Devices Market: Focus on Implants, Inserts and Punctal Plugs, 2021-2030

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There is an evident rise in the demand for effective, non-invasive drug delivery systems that are capable of overcoming bioavailability hurdles and enable delivery of the drug at the target cells, at effective concentrations, for a suitable period of time. In our research, 50 drug delivery devices that have been / are being developed by various industry players across the world.

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The novel ocular drug delivery market is highly fragmented, featuring the presence of established, as well as emerging players. Further, majority (75%) of the developers engaged in this domain are based in North America; examples, include (in alphabetical order) Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Alimera Sciences, Amorphex Therapeutics, Bausch and Lomb, EyePoint Pharmaceuticals and Genentech. This is followed by players headquartered in RoW (13%), Asia Pacific (6%) and Europe (6%).

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