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Supporting Student Mental Health during Remote Education

By techmoths at 2022-01-09 • 0 collector • 170 pageviews

The pandemic has reimbursed a lot of unconventional thinking among students. Some weren’t able to attend prom, while others missed graduation parties. The whole idea instigated instability in the student’s mind – this led to emotional problems and many issues in coping with current conditions.

With a good setup and a rather benefiting environment, the students and resource person can build a very reliable learning way. But if the ambiance isn’t enough for the student to focus, it becomes challenging to fight this stigma.

Supporting Student Mental Health 

The institutions need to keep in mind the mental health of the students. Some may find it very difficult and require counseling too. 

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2022-03-21   #1

Hi, thanks a lot for sharing! I was a student when the pandemic started. Although our teachers managed to organize remote learning quite well, they gave too many tasks to do and it was so overwhelming for me... Moreover, I didn't have time for writing my dissertation on social antropology (luckily I found a great dissertation writing service). On the other hand, that was a perfect time for reflection and setting new studying goals which I had never had time to think about before.

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