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How to contact Norwegian Agents?

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Know the Norwegian customer service

In case you’re looking for a good airline from Norway. Then the best low-cost carrier you can come across is undoubtedly the Norwegian Airline. That is why they have made sure that customers can get in touch with them anytime they need to. You would need to make sure that you have followed the procedures mentioned ahead. So, if you have a doubt on How do I get in touch with Norwegian Airlines? then the answer to that is you can choose to speak to them through different contact ways. Choose any according to your convenience. 

How can I speak to Norwegian customer support? 

To speak to Norwegian customer support, you need to call the official number. There are separate phone numbers dedicated to different countries. You only need to choose one which is regarding your country. After that, the executives will clear your query in a short period. 

In case your query is related to flight bookings. Then you would need to dial +440 330 828 0854. After calling upon this number, you’ll come across the IVR options. Among the options, you would need to select suitable ones for your query. Once you have chosen those, then in a short period, you’ll be able to speak with an executive from customer support. The executive will make sure that your query will be resolved in a short period. 

However, to know the particular number dedicated for a country, you would need to follow the steps below: 

  • Get on the Norwegian’s official website. 

  • Now you would need to choose the country option. 

  • Once you have selected a country. Then on the top left corner. You would need to click on the button of the menu. 

  • In the drop-down menu, you have to need to  tap on “Help and contact.” 

  • Now on the new page, you would need to select the options here related to your query. 

  • Now you’ll come across the numbers related to the countries. 

  • Choose the one dedicated to your region. That is it. The executive will resolve your issue. 

  • However, there are also other ways to make the changes. You can even connect through chat or social networks. 

Does Norwegian Airlines have a live chat?

Yes, they have made sure that you can quickly get all the information through live chat. You only need to make it certain that you have followed the below-mentioned steps: 

  • You only need to get on the Norwegian’s official website. 

  • Once you’re there, tap on the button “Help and contact.” 

  • On the next page, tap on the control of “chat.”

You’ll be connected to a live person in a short period, and your query will be resolved. You can even save the transcript of the conversation at the end. Hopefully, your question regarding the Norwegian Air phone number is resolved.

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