What Happened to the Meaning of Thank You?

By moizrazak at 2020-02-13 • 0 collector • 168 pageviews

Did someone recently give you a gift, greeting card, donation, flowers or assisted with a project that you found difficult to handle by yourself? Were you pleasantly surprised from this unexpected present or assistance? As the recipient, how did you express your gratitude to the giver?

There is strength and power in the phrase "thank you." The significance of saying thank you for receiving any act of kindness does not seem to be a priority for reciprocation as it once was. The importance of these two words are literally disregarded or put on the bottom of a priority list.

Do not assume that the person or people who gave you something or did something nice for you automatically know that you appreciate their kindheartedness. Common courtesies and social etiquette of saying thank you or sending a thank you note displays character and gratitude for something someone was not obligated to do thank you in german. How would you feel if you opened the door to allow someone to enter a store and that person simply walked through without acknowledging your kind gesture?

Thank you is a universal expression that is understood and translated in every language. Whether you say Grazie (Italian), Merci (French), Gracias (Spanish), Mahalo (Hawaiian), Danke (German), Xie xie (Chinese/Mandarin) or through sign language, thank you is as precious to the giver as the gift is to the receiver. Sadly, in an age of digital and mobile technology, one-on-one human conversation and interaction is not as engaging as it once was. We find it easier to email, send a text or make a post on our Facebook walls, than it is to make a phone call to thank the person for their kindness. What's more impressive is taking the time to hand write a note of thanks and mailing it to that person.

If the gift giver gave something through an email or over the telephone, then it is okay to thank them through the same means. Thank you, regardless of what language it is spoken in, shows sincerity and appreciation. Remember, people are not obligated to be nice to you by doing something special for you. If they bless you with a gift of kindness, whether it is a present, money, flowers, a greeting card or some other type of heartfelt gesture, show your gratitude by responding accordingly with your gift of saying thank you.

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