Type 2 Diabetes - Control Your Blood Pressure And Improve Your Health

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Lorrine Yen has many years of  Pure Natural Research’s Blood Sugar Formula Reviewexperience as a medical researcher and a professional health and medical writer. She creates high quality articles and specializes in health and medicine. It is impossible to cure diabetes completely and permanently, however managing a fit and healthy standard of living can improve the results by decreasing the chronic complications. You are advised to follow the below tips in order to maintain diabetes.

Daily workouts: Diabetes patients are suggested to start daily workouts such as jogging, swimming, walking, cycling etc. for one hour a day and six days a week. Perfect food habits: Good results can be obtained if diabetic person is maintaining good habits on diet. Sugar level gets managed by taking nutritious, balanced and healthy diet. You can include fresh fruits, green vegetables, calorie free drinks and low fat dairy products into your diet. Few diet options that show good results are GI diet, protein diet, high fiber diet, vegan diet and low carbohydrates diet.

Avoid alcohols and other addictions: Smoking is a bad habit that can lead person to the diabetes related to the heart attacks, strokes, erectile disorders and other kidney problems. Diabetic person should avoid smoking since there are chances of damaging your heart, increasing your blood pressure, lessening the body power and cholesterol level. Insulin resistance gets increased by smoking and therefore diabetes control is difficult for the smokers.


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