Type 2 Diabetes - Is It Possible For Your Pancreas To Improve After Insulin Treatment?

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Diabetes is of two types, type I and  Blood Balance Formula Reviewtype II Diabetes. These were previously referred to as insulin dependent and insulin independent types but, since recent researches prove that insulin can be used in both types, this classification has been discarded. Type I diabetes is due to the body's inability to synthesize insulin requiring insulin injections. It occurs below the age of 20 and accounts for 10% cases of diabetes. In Type 2 diabetes the cells either stop responding to insulin or the insulin production is insufficient as compared to the glucose intake. 

The major cause of this form of diabetes is sedentary lifestyle along with obesity. It occurs after 30 years of life and accounts for 90% cases of diabetes. This form of diabetes can be controlled by dietary and lifestyle changes along with the use of oral hypoglycemic medicines. Insulin injections in this type have little or no effect but can be used in some cases. Other forms of diabetes include gestational diabetes in which, during pregnancy, the sugar level of the mother escalates beyond normal. This might result in intrauterine death of the baby and type II diabetes in the mother, later in life.

Due to the numerous damaging effects of diabetes, routine check ups for blood glucose levels are advised to all. These check ups include tests like fasting blood sugar or random blood sugar, which provide the first sign of high glucose levels in the blood. If the fasting or random blood sugar is raised then the confirmatory test for diabetes is done which is the oral glucose tolerance test. 


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