When Should a Pain Management Patient Be Referred for Surgery?

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Intense exercise just like Joint Pain Hack Review chiropractic, also rarely really corrects anything. Exercise sometimes does help to relieve the pain, but usually only if the patient religiously worked out 3 hours per day five days a week. Once they stopped the intense exercise, the pain more than likely returned. Leading to a visit to the acupuncturist. 

Now the modern acupuncturist is usually quite skilled at using his or her needles to block the pain messages going from the back and neck to the brain. But tiny needles no matter how expertly placed, typically do nothing to restore spinal balance. So you guessed it. You end up with one very frustrated patient with recurrent back or neck pain. And the merry-go-around starts again with a call to another chiropractor: around and around she goes!

At this point I have to give some credit where credit is due. It was the spine surgeons that really started the scientific study of spinal balance. Perhaps after cutting and grinding and drilling the spine, only to have the pain, way too often return in their patients, they too realized they were missing something important. Often times surgeons would fuse a patent's spine and support it with nuts bolts screws and rods. Some patients were improved, many other were no better and too many were worse after their surgery. Even though the surgery was a success, the back pain returned.


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