Nigeria's Chief Of Defence Staff, Irabor Asks 50 Military Generals To Quit Service

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The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Leo Irabor has ordered 50 Generals in the Nigerian military to tender their resignation with immediate effect.
According to Daily Post, the officers cut across the Nigerian Air Force, the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Navy; around 25 of the senior officers are in the army. 

An impeccable source stated that Irabor gave the directive at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja on Monday.
At a 2pm meeting, the CDS thanked them for their service and told all present that it was high time they left office.
But the Course 36 Generals still had more than three years before their retirement.
“They are about 50; two of them in the Army will retire in 2022, while the rest have about three and half years left in service”, the source revealed.
Another source wondered why the Armed Forces were eager to ease out scores of capable and experienced hands at a time the country is battling insecurity.
Ironically, Irabor recently intervened in the 2016 forceful retirement of 38 Nigerian Army officers via a letter (Ref. No. CDS/8/A) to the Minister of Defence, Bashir Magashi, a retired Major-General.

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