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How Can I Hard Reset My Asus Router?

By elenacollins at 2021-12-08 • 0 collector • 101 pageviews

The users of Asus Router keep on facing technical issues and keep on looking for ways to reset Asus Router password or hard reset Asus Router. Now, to proceed with a hard reset, you are just supposed to follow a few important instructions such as:

 You should press and hold the reset button while the router is still powered on

 Now, you must connect your device to the wireless name 'ASUS', and then you

are required to set up the network

 After that, you must click on the new password

 Now, you must click on the wireless setting

 After that, you are supposed to try to connect your device to the new network settings By following and applying the steps, you would be able to resolve the hard reset issue instantly.

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