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Sand Beauty Art

By ikikai at 2021-12-07 • 0 collector • 112 pageviews

sand beauty

Product Story

Plywood or Corex (soft acrylic sheet) is used for this type of artwork. At first a drawing is made on Corex and then carving the brightest part, offset ink is applied with a roller. An impression is taken of the artwork to create a mirror image, it washed and other parts of the artwork are carved out to make the next impression and complete the artwork.

Offset ink colour on paper. Shipped rolled in an art tube.

Each artwork comes with an authenticity certificate from the artist.

price: ₹10,190.00

about the creator

Ravi, an intrepid artist, who explores an integrated language of colours , lines & space to render chromatic  improvisation. He prefers to bring his art alive on offset ink on paper. He does his paintings with his own world view and believes that a person who has inherited some kind of art can live a little better than others, can live for a long time. His philosophy toward art is simple “Art is freedom. Being able to bend things most people see as a straight line.”

for more visit: https://ikikai.co/catalog/product/view/id/1515/s/sand-beauty/category/141/

In today's world, bringing social change is hard. It's a road less taken. Creating communities in a world full of fragmented mindsets is for the select few, celebrating art and its creator is a forgotten reality. This is not about one person, one desire or one piece of art - it's about real change, a real community and real celebration of creators. we are ikikai - www.ikikai.co

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