Getting the Most Out of Your Remote Workers

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With these empathic yet practical activities, you can make remote work effective and engaging for your staff.

Even if COVID-19 vaccines are widely available, 90% of HR leaders want employees to be able to work remotely. Despite the fact that most organizations have had months to design a remote-work experience that would keep employees productive and engaged, many still regard remote work agreements as temporary.

Few organizations have significant experience with large-scale remote work when it initially became popular.

Scenario planning in most organizations focuses on the operational responses required to ensure business continuity. Few of these plans take into account employees’ ability or bandwidth to focus on their work.

The move necessitated HR providing managers with instructions on how to guarantee staff receive the necessary support to deal with the crises’ emotional roller coaster while remaining productive and engaged. That advice remains unchanged. In fact, given how long the crisis has lasted, it has grown even more critical.

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