Best Thai Restaurant in Western Sydney

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Best Thai Restaurant in Western Sydney

At Bai Bua Thai restaurant, you’ll get some of the highest quality Thai cuisine at reasonable prices, with large portions and a huge selection of menu items. Locals with food allergies will find an ally in Western Sydney's, Bai Bua Thai. In fact, the restaurant even has an extensive gluten-free selection with almost as many dishes available as on the regular menu! Vegetarians and vegans have numerous choices as well and are welcome to ask for a specific dish customised to their liking

Bai Bua Thai restaurant can seat up to 60 guests. Catering is available for all occasions whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or Christmas staff parties.

Bai Bua Thai Restaurant is located in the Penrith city Centre 20 Woodriff St, Penrith, 2750 and has been a favourite for locals for more than 10 years.


Lunch: Tues-Sat 11am until 2.30pm
Dinner: Tues-Sun 5:00pm until 9.00pm


ADRRESS: 22 Woodriff St. Penrith (near RSL club)

Phone : 02 4722 8422

Phone : 02 4732 6824

E-MAILS: [email protected]

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