How to Configure Belkin Router as Access Point?

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To configure Belkin router as access point, start by opening a web browser to access the router’s web-based setup page. Proceed to wireless > channel and SSID, and configure AP’s wireless network name. To configure the network security, go to wireless > security; save the settings before heading to the next step. After the wireless settings have been configured, proceed to the wireless section and tap to use as an access point. Now, choose to enable. It will give you the option to set the IP address and subnet mask for the router. Your current settings should match the existing network settings. Enter the unique IP address and tap to apply changes. When using an Ethernet cable, wire the access point/ secondary router to the main router through the LAN ports of both devices. Now, you can connect the device to the new wireless connection as you have successfully configured the Belkin router as an access point.

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belkin range extender setup f9k1106v1

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