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What is GBWhatsApp and how to use it on Android phones

By indedvim at 2021-11-17 • 0 collector • 170 pageviews

WhatsApp is the most popular message application in India and is used as a major messaging application by most people in this country. WhatsApp currently has more than 200 million active users every month in India and as long as it's free, this number will continue to grow.

WhatsApp is sold to Facebook and social media companies have added the latest features to the application to retain users. The latest additions to this application include voice calls, video calls, snapchat like stories, business applications and more. As mentioned earlier, the company also tested group calls and group video calls.

While WhatsApp has many features, has no customization that might be desired by many users. There are several limitations in the application and the user cannot adjust the application according to the preferences. If you are someone who wants to adjust whatsapp, then there is a solution for you - Gbwhatsapp.

source: https://apkbigs.com/whatsapp-gb-apk/

GBWhatsApp is a mod for WhatsApp developed by HAS.007, the senior member of XDA and MOD is based on WhatsApp Plus, the mod that has been closed by WhatsApp. This mod allows you to customize WhatsApp in terms of display and features. Below is the main feature of GBWHATSAPP.

What Is GBWhatsApp?

With simple words, APK GBWHATSApp is another WhatsApp mod like WhatsApp Plus APK, among many other mod options. The only difference between this mod WhatsApp and the official version of WhatsApp is a feature. Still has the main features such as broadcast messages and pop-up notifications with more sophisticated features such as language features, screen display and resolution, advanced message features, special themes or other theme features, styles, profiles, sound profiles, profiles, and many other functions to be enjoyed by users.

Indeed, this WhatsApp modification is equipped with many useful features, which is not owned by the official version of WhatsApp. Maybe one of the ultimate features is you can hide the last blue lice you see, your online status, and so on.

GBWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2021 (Updated)

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2022-07-12   #1

GBWhatsApp is also being updated on techupnew with the latest versions

10 Days Ago

Reply to #1 @carmangaddis :

https://techupnew.com I usually use android apps there

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