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Runescape cannot survive by neglecting players

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There are many other monsters that you can take on. There are numerous quests that provide you with more monsters to fight and could result in more lucrative rewards. Bosses can make you more money RS Gold. At 90 magic you can likely fight the King Black dragon and easily take on the chaos elemental so long as you're not afraid of risking some items. Both monsters are profitable margin.

Yes, I have more than 10M. I am kind of confused about how bonds work I've researched it a bit and sort of received conflicting information. I will probably just sign up and pay one-Month installments; I may do that this morning. I am anxious to get started. But, I am researching and will probably sign up to pay monthly installments of one month.

There's so much to learn and I want to make it as easy as it is to learn how to train my mage until she's 99. I know I can just go into P2P and get lost all over the place doing this and in a random order like I did in the past, LOL. I'd like to avoid this).

My primary reason is that I hate losing items I have for a long time grinding for. When I'm playing Elite Clues, I've been trying for the Chaos Elemental pet dropped and am currently putting at risk 6k worth items. I'm not worried if anyone attempts to PK me or do something similar Buy Old School RS Gold. I'll let them throw the ball at me because I know that I am only taking a small risk.

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