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This was a little before Runescape was well recognized

By mmogrfy at 2021-10-18 • 0 collector • 161 pageviews

I'm thinking of RuneScape gold adding a new subject to the list. You can post how you came across the game. Every person has a story to tell. It was a good friend I had in my early years who told me about the game. I visited his place and he immediately showed me the game. I watched the bird be killed, chop down a tree and create an fire to torch it. Exciting.

Then I gave him the "Why do I spend my time watching this nerdy and snobby" face. He was able to understand. The rest of the day, we did something stereotypical boys that age would do like play touch football or race in the pool.

A few months later, I heard some very annoying students from my class discussing about Runescape. Based on my experience shared with a friend, I thought the game might be a familiar one and decided to give it a try. I set up an account on Friday afternoon an account that I lost in Varrock and I decided to create Sobend. I stayed at Lumbridge this time playing cautiously.

I reached level 20 or something killing cows and over time I acquired iron armor and other things. Then when those kids were talking about it in class I barged into the room (this was a little before Runescape was well recognized and was considered to be as nerdy among kids of that are of the same age) and started talking about how good I was. After getting yelled at the teacher for talking excessively about my iron sword, they were like woahhh. It was hilarious to me.

Then I spoke to my friend who originally brought me into the game and I was taught a few additional things, such as how to communicate with other players via typing (I didn't figure it out on my own unfortunately). I began to work on mining and smithing, and kept working on my combat stats. Then Runescape came along and buy OSRS gold I was happy ever since.

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