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WHAT ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS TO CONNECT HP DESKJET 3639 TO WIFI AND WIRELESS DIRECT? The instructions to connect HP deskjet 3639 to Wi-Fi and wireless direct are the following such as: Step1: In this step firstly you have to attempt to place the system of the platform which is flat so that it can connect to the Wi-Fi and wireless direct and this choice is on the control board of the printer. Step2: then you have to check the settings of the HP wireless direct and the Wi-Fi direct printer if they are completely different or not whereas you also have to check the method of setup. Step3: after that you go further to start the process further you have to offer the WPA2 positive identification but if it is prompted by the system of yours or the printer setup. You also have to make sure that the Wi-Fi direct continuously utilise the settings which are on the WPA2 passphrases. WHAT ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS TO SETUP DESKJET 3639 WIRED NETWORK PRINTER? The instructions to set up the deskjet 3639 wired network printer which are given below such as: • Firstly you have to draw up the installation of driver and the network connection in which you have to make sure of the Ethernet network points. • Then you have to connect the router with the network connections if not. • After that you need to connect the printer to the network after you turn on the printer and then remove the cover from the back side of the router. • At last you have concentrate on the software which is required for its access and then re check the wired network name and after that you have to try taking a printer or scan. WHAT ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CONNECT HP DESKJET 3639 TO WIFI? There are some instructions in which we should know how to connect the HP deskjet 3639 to Wi-Fi which are the following: • Firstly you have to try connecting to the in which they can enable the Wi-Fi direct option and also you can change the mode of access either manually or you can change in the automatic mode also. • Then you have to install the latest version of the HP printer which is plug in for the smart access. • After that you need to select the document which has to be printed and also try to keep your eye on the settings 123 HP wireless name as well as the password security. • At last you have to check the Wi-Fi name that is from the control panel. WHAT ARE THE FEW STEPS TO SET UP 123 HP 3639 USB? There are some steps in which you can learn how to set up the 123 HP 3639 USB are the following: • Firstly you have to switch on the HP desktop and then prepare it. • Then you need to search as well as download the essential driver software for the system of yours in which you can browse the network to the 3639 and then you have to further press on so that you can start the installation. • After that you have to grant the system so that you will get the permission to make the changes by some directions. • Then you need to set the type of connection as wireless. • After that you will see that the network configuration will take place and then connect the device to the USB. • Then you will also see as the installation gets complete then the window with finish button will be appear on the screen in which you need to click on the complete process of installation. • After that you have to try to take the print out so that you can test the installation. • At last you will be connected the network to the USB and also make sure that it should be connected properly. You can also use the options like the wireless machine connect, wireless protected setup as well as the USB setup in which you have to connect the device of yours to the wireless connect setup.

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