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Every port in Runescape is able to be docked at

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The investment in a real-world marketing budget would address the issues I raised. It would also (hopefully), attract new players RS 2007 Fire Cape, re-engage former players, and let them see "that's how it's like now." This could resolve the cash flow issues that are guaranteed every month. It won't be inexpensive to promote on TV as well as in print and game stores internationally.

Whether this has not occured because the budget is genuinely too tight, or they just want to fix the game (bots) prior to moving forward or they simply cba to spend the money is all guesswork. My preference is to limit the SOF to free spins, and then invest in marketing. While there's no limit to how much you can earn from the relative few who play, there's many opportunities to earn additional cash if you can tell them which ones to go to.

I don't like how the wilderness will be all single or all multicombat. All skillers can go to single. This would leave the multicombat areas empty, except perhaps for a few big clans who waste their time looking for each other. The wilderness how it is right now is fine. Yes. The wilderness is already a disaster. This will only make matters worse. It doesn't make sense to go to multi-combat worlds if you don't possess the appropriate skills.

There was something similar to a food chain at the time the wilderness was most active. Trainers, single-person players and other players were hunted and killed by unorganized, small teams of several players Buy OSRS Accounts. Smaller organized clans hunted these teams, while larger clans with organized were hunting smaller clans.

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