Remembering 9/11

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Today we remember the worst terrorist attack in history. An attack which claimed the lives of citizens from 78 countries and act condemnable by everyone. Today, we must resolve to be resilient against extremist of all forms and always remember we are first and foremost humans and must always defend our right to live free. Humanity is threatened anywhere freedom is silenced and we must use our voice online to callout governments of countries where freedom is silenced.

It is important that we remember:

  1. women of Afghanistan in our prayers.

  2. People of Myanmar.

  3. Christians of middle-belt region in Nigeria who are being killed by fulani terrorist just for being christians.

  4. People of Biafra who are being killed by Nigeria with military jets purchased from U.S.A and support from United Kingdom in return for free oil to England.

  5. People of Tigray region of Ethiopia.

  6. People of Yemen.

  7. People of Ambazonia in western Cameroon who are being killed by Cameroon with support from France

For these people their 9/11 continues as you read this post.

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