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I played Runescape in normal mode

By mmogrfy at 2021-08-25 • 0 collector • 160 pageviews

I had been playing Runescape starting several months ago (since December 2008) using an internet connection that RuneScape gold was high-speed and no lag. Since September 2009 I've experienced lag a few times. Each lasted only several seconds. Rarer times the lag would change into a complete lock-up or auto-logout.

Other Runescape players told me lag has gone up due to the number of people logging in to access the new change-your-Runescape-name feature. Has anyone else noticed a huge rise in lag since September 2009?

I played Runescape in normal mode (SD) but changed to HD after a few months. I switched to HD around April, which means I played HD without lag for a while. Has anyone played HD without lag and then switched to SD and found SD free of lag? I like the HD, but I don't want to switch to SD for a time if that will eliminate the delay.

Many people came to Runescape in search of Clue Scrolls. They killed and killed to earn valuable rewards. There were many players who spent hours running between the two, some being fortunate, while others were weren't. They have been a challenge and a lot of enjoyment for the Runescape Community. Although it's a game for the chance of winning, is earning fast money worth the time spent when you can make a steady income?

I came across a few costly, rare items in a Treasure Trail Guide. Level one has the trendy Flared Trousers Level two comes with cloaks and the famed Ranger Boots, and level three comes with 3rd Age, trimmed armour, and much more. Most players don’t get these items frequently. You could search for 3rd Age in hundreds of clues, but not be able to get it. It seems strange to me as other people can achieve the same value in just one or buy rs3 gold two days, earning 500k/hour. I know this because I do.

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