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Shock-proof pressure gauge pointer is generally made of aluminum alloy plate

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  Shock-proof pressure gauge needle is bent

  A shock-proof pressure gauge has been used for a period of time, but the pressure of the shock-proof pressure gauge is unstable, or remove the pressure gauge for repair. Sometimes you will find that the pointer of the original straight sword has turned into a machete shape, and there will obviously be a small dent or the size of a dent at the "back" position, and the pointer is curved.

  The pointer of the Shock-proof pressure gauge is relatively lower than the "bend" of the nail. This is because the shock-proof pressure gauge releases the pressure too quickly during work, which will cause the pointer to repeatedly hit the nail plate. This is usually at the lower pointer of the pressure gauge, and check the position of the pointer and the stylus. It can be seen that the impact force of a severe impact will leave a deep gap.

  The relative pressure check dial "returns" to the bent nail. This is because using a pressure gauge, the pressure is too high, the pointer of the pressure gauge is too fast to check the steering wheel counterclockwise, and the bending of the nail will have a greater impact. It also leaves a gap on the upper side of the pressure gauge pointer.

  Shock-proof pressure gauge pointer is generally made of aluminum alloy plate. If the material of the pressure gauge pointer is too thin and the material is too soft, the reason is that the pressure gauge pointer is easy to bend.

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