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Disposable ice packs are easy to carry

By gelking at 2021-08-24 • 0 collector • 141 pageviews

Disposable ice packs are very common in our lives. Here is a brief introduction about gel ice packs.

Product introduction:

1. No need for refrigeration or freezing and any pre-cold treatment, just squeeze the inner bag, and it can be cooled quickly within 2 seconds.

2. Before the inner bag is squeezed, the substance inside is solid, which is convenient to carry; the inner bag is liquid after squeezing, which can maximize the contact surface with the skin when cold compressing; at the same time, one-time use can avoid cross-infection.

3. Non-toxic and non-corrosive.

4. Easy to carry.

Keep cold time:

15-20 minutes (varies with different usage methods and ambient temperature)

Scope of application:

1. Ice compress-the principle of first aid after sports injury

The joy of sports will also be accompanied by acute injuries. Ordinary ice cubes need to be stored in the refrigerator, but our disposable quick-cooling ice packs do not require a cold source, and can cool down quickly. They can be by your side for the first time and are suitable for physical cooling of the human body. Used for the treatment of sprains and mild burns.

Outdoor work under the scorching sun, on golf courses, baseball games, football games, chilling

2. Various sports injuries, muscle strains, sprains

3. Mild scalds and burns

4. Hemostasis of trauma, water swelling, heat stroke, headache, fever, toothache

5. Eliminate fatigue and refresh your mind

6. Medical emergency, physical cooling

In addition, in places where there is no cold source, keep fresh vegetables, fruits, beer, beverages, food, etc. in a short period of time.

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