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Is Sealed Gel Battery worth it?

By changshuwanlong at 2021-08-24 • 0 collector • 142 pageviews

  Is Sealed Gel Battery worth it?

  When it comes to batteries, many terms are left behind, including sealing, flooding, and valve adjustment. Sealed Gel Battery is also a commonly used term, which refers to the sulfuric acid and silicon dioxide substances in the shell, which will produce a hard paste to conduct electricity. If you have been pricing gel batteries, you might be wondering if you should take advantage of this technology to make a leap. Learn why gel batteries are worthwhile in specific applications.

  Eliminate battery "leakage"

  Sealed Gel Battery has many advantages and disadvantages, but the main reason why they are superior to any other battery is the leak-free design. Unlike flooded batteries, the gel design has no liquid electrolyte. All the acids are suspended in the solid matrix. The battery may be upside down or tipped during use, and no leakage will occur.

  This simple fact reduces corrosion on the outside of the casing and extends the battery life. It is safer to touch without gloves because any acid will stay in the shell.

  Heat dissipation

  Heat is often the enemy of any deep-cycle battery. If it heats too much regularly, the performance and life of the battery will be affected. The beauty of gel batteries is their heat transferability. The spacers used in these designs are conductive, allowing heat to escape from the enclosure. Gel batteries operate at a lower temperature than their counterparts, such as AGM or absorbent glass mat models. These designs will absorb heat and cause the overall life of the battery to be shortened.

  12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.

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