How to Write an Essay in English - Examples of English Essays

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 What kind of beast is "essay" and, how do you fight it? Certainly, it's best to tame it. We propose to lay it out together here and now and figure out how to write a 99 papers review. Often, a successfully written essay can open up a lot of opportunities on the way to realizing ourselves, and along with that, fulfilling our cherished desires and goals.

An essay in English is a type of creative work, which has an arbitrary composition and reveals the author's opinion on a particular social, cultural or historical problem. It is not an essay in English, an article, an essay or any other work of creative genre. An essay proudly occupies a separate hole in the world of publicism. Let's compare it to an article, an English essay, and an essay. To get a better understanding of what an essay is and why it cannot be called an article, an essay, etc.

An essay is very similar to an essay-expression, however, the main difference between these genres is the purpose of writing an essay - an essay in English always has a conclusion, while an essay only prompts the reader to think and make their own. In an essay, the author only argues, raises topical issues, but does not draw a final conclusion, unlike an essay. The article is really very similar to an essay, because there is no definite structure, there are actual topics. However, an article is a work of journalism, unlike an essay. It is this factor that makes an article unique and unrepeatable in the world of the publicist genre. And so that you do not have the slightest desire to compare an essay with an essay, let's consider the latter differences. First of all, the essay is larger in length - about 5 pages, while the essay is more often 1.5 - 2 pages. Also, in the essay, the narrative comes from the author, while the abstract is a report on a clearly defined topic.

Conclusion: you want to develop - write an essay. It occupies an extremely important role at school, at university and even at work. It is very important to learn how to write an essay in English so that you can confidently go on to success even from your school years.


1) Introduction (here it is important to characterize the topic to be discussed without expressing your own opinion).

2) Main part (here it is important to express your opinion about the problem, give examples and evidence).

3) Conclusion (in this section you summarize and summarize all of the above. Remember that in this type of essay you should not make a specific conclusion, you can only distribute in two bowls of weight all the arguments).

Important! The words I think, I believe, In my opinion, etc. can be used only in the conclusion, where you express your position.

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