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I think it should rain now before it starts to rain in Runescape

By nfkjasfas at 2021-08-20 • 0 collector • 117 pageviews

Jagex shocked everyone by their support of "JCredits" just a few days after War of Legends was released osrs infernal cape. The game requires real money to get an edge on the field. Many players feel that this is against their "real world trade" policy. Items in-game for real money. Jagex seems to like the concept of real money as long they get it.

What are players' opinions about JCredits "I'd much rather see the game require a tiny fee and receive benefits as a member than have Jcredits buy items in the game." Like Runescape membership. The amount of money that you spend does not affect your game benefits. Let's close this article with a word about JCredits. I find it fitting.

Jagex forces you to spend money to gain access to. Jagex has gone further than the others. They have made it illegal to use microtransactions to get an edge in the game. Without JCredits it's utterly boring."

Jagex, in my opinion, did not respond well to user feedback. Let me illustrate this by using an example from real life. Imagine waking early in the morning. When you are out of bed and switch on the light. You're used to darkness instead of light, so you'll partially close your eyes, letting through just the amount of light you can handle OSRS Power Leveling Buy. As you get comfortable with the light your eyes will open more until you are able to handle the full light of the lamp.

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